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Life-Changing Grease Trap Services

As Palm Beach's leading septic tank experts, M and Y Septic Tank offers life-changing sewage system solutions, including grease trap services. 

What exactly is this device?

Basically, a grease trap is an underground plumbing fixture that serves as a drain pipe to keep grease, especially from commercial businesses, from entering the municipal wastewater system. 

However, if your grease traps are not inspected regularly, and too much sediment accumulates, it can be forced into the main drainage system or block the water outlet.

So don't wait for this to happen – call us today to benefit from our grease trap cleaning and maintenance expertise.

Protecting the main wastewater system


Grease Trap Services Miami Beach
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Our Groundbreaking Grease Trap Cleaning Process

By combining state-of-the-art products and equipment with years of expertise, we will remove 100% of the grease trap's contents and thoroughly clean it.

M and Y Septic Tank's experienced team will thoroughly scrape the interior to remove any excess grease and vacuum out small waste from hard-to-reach areas.  

Thanks to our groundbreaking process, we'll help keep your business in compliance with regulations while helping to protect the environment and extend the life of your grease trap.

Give us a call for more details – we also offer septic tank cleaning, inspection, installation and replacement, storm drain cleaning, and hydro-jetting services.

Vacuuming out small waste in hard-to-reach areas


Grease Trap Services Miami

Do your drains need unclogging and cleaning?

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